11. Jul, 2022

Viva Muscatel

The muscatel grape is together with Pedro Ximen the number 1 native grape variety in the province of Malaga. It was of course mainly known for its sweet wines, but due to the height of the vineyards and the improved winemaking techniques, beautiful, dry fresh wines are now also made in the province of Malaga. The grape thrives well on the limestone soil where it has to dig deep to find water and withstands the blistering hot summer days. It has even become a real trend with many bodegas especially from the Axarquia and Manilva producing dry, still wines (no more than 15 degrees of alcohol) from muscatel. Ideal accompaniment to oriental and other strongly spicy food, with asparagus dishes and also excellent as an aperitif.

Moscatel de Alejandria is the queen of the many moscatel grape varieties out there. It is the only original, non-genetically crossed Muscat grape, as it was cultivated in and around Alexandria in ancient Egypt. The grape was brought to southern Spain about 3000 years ago by the Phoenician traders. The grape produces strongly aromatic wines with many fruit and floral notes. Floral especially, jasmine, orange blossom, a hint of honey and sometimes some almond or hazelnut. Delicious ripe white fruit, such as melon and peach with hidden citrus notes of grapefruit. Slightly bitter in the aftertaste.

A few examples of excellent dry muscatel:



Mountain Blanco (Telmo Rodriquez)

Jarel Seco

Bentomiz Ariyanas Seco