A selection of bodegas that can be visited


Antiqua Casa de Guardia

In the heart of the yet unspoiled Montes de Málaga you will find one of the oldest bodegas of Malaga: Casa Antiqua de Guardia. Its premises breath its long and impressive history. It produces a wide range of classical wines from the region, including the famous ´pajarete´. The bodega also runs Malaga´s most famous winebar on the Alamada, with the same name. Here it seems as if time stood still. It reflects the filosfy of the bodega to respect its tradition and craftsmanship in making authentic wines from Malaga.


Bad Man Wines

Bad Man Wines is the project of the two young enologists Manuel Carrizosa Zúňiga and Simbad Romero. In addition to having worked in almost every major wine country in the world, they bring that wealth of experience now to Ronda to create their own style of wines. Packed with enthusiasm and passion, they search for contemporary, bold fresh boutique wines produced with as much respect for nature as possible. They invest every Euro in their dream, they still live by working for other bodegas. The bodega produces a Moscatel de Alejandria, a Chardonnay, a rose from Merlot, a young red wine from Tempranillo and a blend from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. A Petit Verdot is on its way. Tempranillo 2017 is a wine full of chararcter. Why should you think Tempranillo in the ‘warm’ Ronda despite its high altitude? This early ripening grape mainly produces fantastic wines in Rioja and Ribera del Duero and there is already so much of it. The wine surprises. Crispy, farm-fresh, velvety soft red fruit pops out of the glass against a background of a hint of licorice, balanced with a nice acidity for a cheerful freshness. Multi-purpose for many dishes. But also inviting for another glass, without anything, just you, your company and the wine. These “bad men” know about winemaking. The same personal character is also found in the other wines. Such as in the Merlot Rose 2017, full of light red fruit, raspberry and strawberry, a candy box of nature, at the same time also fresh, far away from ‘over-cooked fruit’, the danger that is always lurking in the south. Bad Man Wines,is a beautiful example of the spectacular rise of Ronda as a vibrant wine producing region.

Bodega F. Schatz

The german Frederico Schatz was a pioneer in bringing back to life old vineyards in the Ronda region. Now he produces a spectacular range of high quality wines, based on a firm bio dynamic philosophy. He explains passionately to visitors how that works, into the smallest details. His wines express his love for this fabulous product of nature and have the undoubtedly Schatz character, very pure and complexity in aromas at the same time. An impressive mono varietal Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Petit Verdot. Acinipo, from the German grapevariety Lemberger. Finca Sanguijula, an intens blend of Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A unique rose, from Moscatel negra.

Bodega Descalzos Viejos

Bodega Descalzos Viejos is located in an old monastery that hangs on the Ronda cliff. From its spectacular venue is overlooks its beautiful vineyards. The bodega produces a beautiful range of medium and full bodied red wines and one white wine. DV 14 (number according to the vintage) is the youngest, a smooth blend of Granacha, Syrah and Merlot. Ripe red and black fruit well balanced with acidity and 6 months of aging in oak. DV+10 (number according to the vintage) a magnificent blend of Graciano (50%!), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with 12 months of aging in oak. DV Minima is a very special sweet wine made from Granacha. It is very seldom that botrytis can been found in southern Spain. Grapes are in fact a bit rotten, when they are harvested which rises the natural level of sugar. When this spectacular phenomenon of nature happened, this beautiful wine was the result. The bodegas only white wine is a classical Chardonnay (as it is meant to be) , partly fermented in oak.

Bodega Kieninger

Bodega Kieninger is owned by the Austrian Martin Kieninger. He produces some highly interesting and different wines, bringing together his Austrian heritage with the wine traditions of the region. All his wines are certified ecological. He works with native grape varieties from his country like Blaufraenkisch and Zweigelt, and native varieties from the region like Tintalla de Rota. Add to this pallet varieties like cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, pinor noir and merlot and you imagine the very special filosofy of this bodega. / Vin is a blend from Blaufraenkisch and Zweigelt. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinot Noir form the basis for Vinana. Maxx is a blend of Garnacha Tinta and Tintalla de Rota.

Bodega Cortijo los Aguilares

Bodega Cortijo los Aguilares makes an impressive range of full bodied red wines. Its Pago El Espino is a spectacular brand of Petit Verdot (around 50%!) , Tempranillo and Syrah, with 15 months of oak aging. Their monovarietal Pinot Noir brings the floral notes of great Pinot Noir to the south of Spain (seven months oak aging). Tadeo is the bodegas monovarietal Petit Verdot, in which this unique grapevariety expresses all its intens red fruit potential. They also make a beautiful rose from Tempranillo, Syrah and Petit Verdot.


Bodega La Capuchina

The roots of Bodega La Capuchina go back to the Roman period of the region when the Romans were already making wine in the Máalaga area. It is also located in the municipality of Mollina. The cellar is constructed in an ancient farm house. The bodega works with the most modern wine making techniques. Amongst their wines, a beautiful, elegant red from Syrah and Cabernet Franc, a monovarietal smooth dark fruit Petit Verdot and an excellent dry Moscatel.

Bodega Cortijo la Fuente

Bodega Cortijo la Fuenteis located in Mollina, the most northern part of the Málaga wine region. Here the vineyards are more flat at an average altitude of 500 meters, with huge differences in day and night temperatures from August until October, when the grapes are ripening. The perfect circumstances to balance aromas, sweetness and acidity. The bodega was build in the 19th century and until today works with traditional methods. It produces a wide range of wines from ´finos´, whites, reds and excellent sweet wines.


Bodegas Málaga Virgen

Bodegas Málaga Virgen is one of the oldest classical bodegas in Málaga. It is famous for its sweet wine Málaga Virgen that is exported to many countries. A dry wine, Trajinero, a 10 years aged oloroso, is spectacular and in its style the best quality you can buy at that price. Its sweet version, Chorrera cream, is also worth trying. The bodega is also well know for its sweet wine Cartojal, that is the emblamatic (although low quality) sweet party wine at the famous Féria de Málaga, celebrated in August. Besides wines the bodegas also produces excellent brandies.

Bodegas Pérez Hidalgo

In the heart of the beautifull white village Álora, you will find Bodegas Pérez Hidalgo. It produces a great value for money red wine, Vega del Geva crianza, a blend of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Also its dry moscatel Flor Floris ranks amongst the best dry moscatel wines in the region that get more popular every year.


Bodegas Bentomiz

Bodegas Bentomiz is one of the most innovative bodegas in the Málaga region. The vineyard was abandoned for many years until it was bought by a Dutch couple that gave it a spectacular new life some fifteen years ago. It produces a wide range of modern fresh wines of excellent quality under their brand name Ariyanas. A crispy, fresh and elegant rose from the local grape Romé, a beautiful dry moscatel, a red wine from Petit Verdot, Tempranillo, Romé and Cabernet Franc and sweet wines including a red one from Merlot. Their sweet wines are amongst the best in the world and can been found on the wine lists of many restaurants with Michelin stars.

Bodegas Almijara

Bodegas Almijara is situated close to the village of Cómpeta, in the Axarquia region of Andalucia and produces a fine dry moscatel at an excellent price. The Axarquia region, with its favourable Mediterranean climate, has always produced the best grapes and wines in the region of Málaga. Old traditional techniques of wine making have been revived and are used, improved by a very strict quality control process.

Dimobe Bodega A. Muñoz Cabrera

Well known bodega in Moclinejo, Axarquia. It was one of the first bodegas that started with a dry white whine from Moscatel grapes, El lagar de Cabrera. Axarquia is maybe the best region in the world to grow moscatel grapes . The vineyards are incredible steep and all over the region you can see the ´paseras´, where grapes are dried in the sunshine after the harvest to increase the natural level of sugar in the most. The bodega has a full range of modern styled wines, white, rose and red. Even a very worthwhile 100% Petit Verdot, Finca la Indiana, produced from grapes that come from a finca in Ronda with the same name. The bodega is also notorious famous for a wide range of sweet wines from Moscatel and Pedro Ximen grapes, produced in the tradition of Málaga, sometimes aged in wooden barrels for at least thirty years. A dry version, Arcos de Moclinejo trasañejo, is a spectacular Pedro Ximen, that underwent slow oxidation for more than 30 years.