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Bodega visit: A great afternoon in the Montes de Malaga

Malagawinetours, located in the ´Montes´, has had a special relationship with the Montes de Malaga and its rich history and culture for years. This beautiful nature reserve is literally a few kilometers from the bustling city. The enchanting mountain slopes are affectionately referred to by the 'malaguenos' as the lungs of Malaga. The many Venta's (mountain restaurants) are known for their unique regional dishes.

The Montes de Malaga also has a rich and colorful history when it comes to wine. You will experience a fantastic afternoon of wine against the background of swaying pine trees, high vineyards and majestic views.

Bodega Antiqua Casa de Guardia; We start with a visit to the bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia, the oldest bodega in Malaga, where the famous 'pajarete' are still made. Antigua Casa de Guardia is also famous for their iconic winebar on the Alameda Principal in Malaga.

Bodega Puerto de Leon: Then you meander on an idyllic mountain road but bodega Puerto de Leon. The vineyards of this small boutique bodega are located at an altitude of 900 meters. Our tasting room is also located here. After visiting the vineyards, we taste the wines of the bodega and then four more wines from other bodegas in the province. This gives you a complete picture of what the wine world in Malaga has to offer in terms of both traditional and modern style wines (at the end of the afternoon you will have tasted 11 wines!).

During the tasting a selection of cheeses and ´embutidos´ will be served (chorizo, lomo and morcilla).  

Wine and tapas walk:  Malaga wines, WOW! 

This is not the everyday pre-baked wine & tapas tour where you are mainly served mediocre sweet wine. In a four to five hour route you will get to know the spectacular wines that the province of Malaga has to offer at five locations. From classically made wines with a lot of history to extremely modern wines. Together with the wine guide, you choose which wine to taste at each location, depending on your personal preference and budget. Naturally, the wine guide also advises you on which culinary delight from Malaga goes best with that wine. On the route we choose the order of wine and food pairings as if we were sitting at a lunch or dinner table. From appetizers, to main course and a phenomenal dessert.

For a a personal quote and bookings please send a message to info@malagawinetours. com, 622192019 (only whatsapp) or use the contact form of this website. 

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