Quotation in a completely transparant manner

Malaga Wine Tours calculates the prices for the private tours in a completely transparent manner. These consist of:

1.  One-time booking fee for organizing the tour or wine tasting: 30 Euro.

2. The actual cost of the bodega visit (per person).

3. The actual cost of the wines tasted in Malaga Wine Tours tasting room (additional to that of the bodegas visited)

4. The accompanying costs of the tour or tasting; 30 euros per hour.

5. The actual transport costs.

A calculation example. A group of 5 people wants to book the program ´´A great afternoon in the Montes de Malaga´. Price structure:

1. Booking fee, organizational costs                 30 Euros

2. Wine guide hours; 4 x 30 Euros                    120 Euros

3. Bodega fees (2x) 30 Euro per person x 5    150 Euros

4. Wine tasting room (4x)                                     45 Euros

Total costs (excl. VAT & transport)                  345 Euros

Total price (inc 21%  VAT, ex transport)        417 Euros

Price per person :   83 Euro.

This tour includes visit to two bodegas, additional wine tasting in tasting room Malaga Wine Tours with cheeses and 'embutidos', a total of 11 wines to taste.

Transport costs to be determined if not with your own car. Transport by taxi bus from the center of Malaga with a maximum of 9 people, approximately 90 Euros.

Malaga Wine Tours will be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you.

Please send a message to info@malagawinetours.com, 622192019 (only whatsapp) or use the contact form of this website