Events Calendar

October events calendar

12 October: A fantastic wine afternoon in the Montes de Malaga. Location, Montes de Malaga. Visit to two bodegas, wine tasting and lunch. Start: 11 a.m. Price per participant: 85 Euro (including transport from Malaga). Language: English

19 October. Malaga wines WOW! ,Getting to know wines from Malaga. Wine tasting with snacks. Location: Grand Café Gezellig. Starts at 7 p.m. Price per participant: 27.50 Euro. Language: Dutch.

29 October. Wine and wild  boar. Wine tasting and BBQ with wild boar. Location: Bodega Puerto de Leon, Montes de Malaga. Start: 2 p.m. Language: Spanish, Dutch and English. Price per participant: 47.50 Euro. Language: Spanish, Dutch and English.

Bookings: please send a message without name, phone number and number of participants to Whatsapp 622192019 or use the contact form of this website